Christy Mack Naughty Schoolgirl Fucks Teacher for A Plus

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lusty vixen Christy Mack is one insatiable schoolgirl and just seeing her showing off that hot figure in red plaid skirt and thigh high stockings will have your dick hard.

This naughty babe doesn’t bother to study. She knows that she’s got all she needs with her tantalizing curves and no-holds-barred attitude. Her teacher doesn’t know what hit him when Christy Mack decides to make her move. She sucks and fucks his cock so good, he’ll be forgetting all about her test scores!

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Christy Mack is a horny country girl who seduces guy to fuck her on the hail.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Country woman Christy Mack is horny! She’s fixin’ for a dickin’, so she done gone to visit Ryan, the po’ boy who took a heapin’ from Christy’s brothers after they found out he touched her in impure ways. But Christy don’t care ’bout that … she wants to get fucked on a haystack! She knows Ryan can’t resist her big fat breasts and her thick fat booty … and he can’t! Soon as she takes the hose from his hand and soaks her rack with it, he reckon he’ll dripping his hose inside her warm, soaked pie!

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Christy Mack fucks the doctor at the hospital

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christy Mack is the hottest receptionist in the hospital. She’s planning on getting a new tattoo soon, anywhere but her breasts of class, she doesn’t want anything to distract from her amazingly big breasts. The Doctor in the office agrees, the only thing on those melons should be his mouth. Christy finally gets to play Dr. with the Doctor as he fucks her all over the reception room.

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Christy Mack comes over and decides to get fucked by her friends husband and his big

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Neat freak Michael is cleaning his house spotlessly when his wife’s friend Christy Mack comes over to pick up his other half’s dry cleaning as a favor. But she’s tired of Michael’s over-the-top cleanliness and OCD, so she decides to test him by making a teeny bit of a mess. She pushes the envelope when she rips off her shorts and thong and sits on her wife’s husband’s face! The dirtiness of it all freaks Michael out, but turns him on at the same time, bringing him to stick his rigid prick in Christy’s mouth and soaked twat! He piledrives that pussy until his weiner spurts spunk all over her … and then he can’t believe what he just did.

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Christy Mack gets fucked by her friends brother

Monday, September 22, 2014

Christy Mack is at her friend’s home getting ready for a party, and she uses her friend’s brother Alan’s bathroom since the other is a pig sty. Alan’s nervous because Christy has big tatas and is getting nailed naughty, and he keeps forgetting his things in his room. But Christy thinks it’s kinda attractive, so she traps Alan in his own room, undresses, and plops her big alluring tatas on his face and fucks him during the hour they have before they have to leave. What a nice gift!

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Christy Mack Strips Off Red Bikini For Naked Car Wash

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Getting her tropical groove on in a red bikini, luscious hottie Christy Mack is sporting blonde hair and her beautiful curves are looking tattooed up and fine as usual. Her amazing ass is completely mind blowing in and out of her red bottoms. She slips them off, spreading her legs and making your tongue ache to taste that pussy.

Suddenly, this horny babe is in front of her car, getting wet and soapy even before washing her car. She strips naked, preferring to get her skin soapy instead, and when Christy Mack gets hot, wet, and naked, everyone is a winner!

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Christy Mack Slides Animal Print Panties Off Her Ass

Monday, August 25, 2014

If there’s one thing we know about Christy Mack, it’s that she’s a total animal in the sack. Her choice to wear animal print bra and panties definitely speak volumes about the hottie. She’s the ultimate sex kitten and she’s showing you just how hot and fucking awesome she is in this pictorial from Penthouse.

She unhooks her bra and slides it off. Her round fake tits look so delicious with her hands squeezing them together. Even her nipples stand at attention and beg for your tongue to be one them. Her panties head south, letting her round bubble butt come into view first, followed by her spreading her snatch wide open.

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Christy Mack Gives Apology While Being Ass Fucked

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Christy Mack has come to terms with the fact that in the past, she was a shitty girlfriend. She was hitting the bottle too firm and it really fucked up anything good she had going back. Well, she’s chilled out on the drinking and has gotten into a rehab program. Now she’s trying to make amends with her ex-boyfriend James Deen. She cheated on him and left him for his friend, so needless to say, he’s not psyched when she calls.

But if there’s one thing Christy Mack is up to doing to make things right, it’s everything. Anything and everything. She opens all her holes up to James so he can fuck that apology out of her. He’s going to fuck his forgiveness into her sweet trim slit.

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Christy Mack Brutally Attacked – Relief Fund Set Up

Thursday, August 14, 2014

On August 8th, Christy Mack was viciously attacked by her ex-boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver aka “War Machine” – who is an MMA fighter. He is currently running from the law. Since the attack, War Machine has been released from Bellator and currently has seven warrants out for his arrest.

On Christy Mack’s twitter @ChristyMack – she has released her statement as to what happened to her. She pulls no punches – disclosing every sickening detail of what this disgrace of a man did to her. To read her statement, please click here.

Friends, fans, and colleagues from all over are pitching together to help out Christy Mack in her time of need. @KendallKarsonXo has set up a crowd-funding campaign to help pay for Christy’s facial reconstruction and other medical bills. The dentist Dr. Toscano has offered to fix Christy’s broken and missing teeth for free.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has vowed to capture War Machine and from what he says on his Twitter page, he is hot on his tracks. Christy has put up $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of her attacker. Corey Harrison of “Pawn Stars” fame, has also tweeted that he is putting up an additional $10,000 for the bounty.

If you would like to donate to the fund Kendall Karson has set up for Christy Mack, please follow this link. You do not have to worry about your identity being released when you donate, you can chose to make an anonymous donation.

Also, Christy Mack is reading all of her wishes from fans and friends, so if you have a Twitter account, take a moment to send her your get well wishes.

Below are a few fan favorites of Christy Mack from her Official website.


Christy Mack Gets Fucked After Aerobics Class

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Clad in tight spandex workout clothes is pornstar Christy Mack. She takes good care of her body and tries to help others stay in shape through her aerobics class. There’s one student though that she needs to see after cass. James Deen needs a little extra help and Christy Mack and her pornstar pussy are just the ones to give it!

Her tights are ripped and legs are spread and this condom clad cunt cavorter is sliding his meat between her thighs. He can’t stop pumping into this whore’s hole and he refuses to stop until they’ve burned more calories! Now this is the kind of fucking exercise routine we would all love to have!

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Christy Mack Pops Tits Out of Tiny Red Bikini

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spicy hot brunette Christy Mack is a total wild child in her red bikini. She is covered in tattoos and her hair is partially shaved, letting you know that this babe is open minded, adventurous, and just a little dangerous. She smiles, lighting up her gorgeous face, and as she shows off her juicy curves, she caresses them.

This babe loves to touch herself, caressing bare titties and pretty pussy and everything else. Christy Mack wants to give you some time to enjoy the view of her body. She likes when your cock is hard and throbbing – it makes her mouth water!

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Christy Mack Bondage Pornstar Has Multiple Holes Used

Friday, March 14, 2014

Brunette seductress Christy Mack is always something of a danger girl, but when she has her luscious curves decked out in strappy leather lingerie and stockings, her hotness is off the charts. She loves to suck hard on a firm cock, feeling it pulse in her mouth as her pussy gets gushy wet. Then she lays back with legs spread to enjoy his licking tongue, followed by his hard cock.

Christy Mack wants to be fucked hard and deep before finishing off her man orally. Getting showered by hot spunk is her favorite ending to a wonderful and pleasurable orgasmic afternoon!

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Christy Mack and Hot Friends Suck and Fuck During Spring Break

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hot tattooed porn vixen Christy Mack loves cock, especially when she and her sexy girlfriends get together for a Spring Break dick feast. Christy, Romi, Raven and Rikki fuck and suck all the cocks they can, raising money to party their juicy asses off!

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Christy Mack Offers Blowjob For Lego Creation

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ATTENTION LEGO BUILDERS – steal ’em from your kids or break out the tubs of them you’ve got stored in the garage, it’s time to put them to good use!

Christy Mack is a babe that makes her own rules and that’s no different with her marketing. Recently on her Twitter @ChristyMack, she offered a blowjob to the person who makes her the best Lego creation. There doesn’t seem to be any rules – just make her something badass in Legos and email it to the porn star. Her email address for this contest of sorts is – . Put your block building skills to good use and you might just see this hottie on the end of your knob! Follow @ChristyMack to stay up to date with the pornstar!

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Christy Mack Gets On Her Knees in POV Blowjob Porn

Monday, January 27, 2014

Insatiable brunette porn vixen Christy Mack is hungry for your cock! This tattooed babe will not be denied when she’s in a nympho state of mind. She gets on her knees, grabs your manhood, and gets busy. She loves the taste of your firm erection moving across her tongue, especially when you give her the juicy taste of your pre-cum.

Christy Mack wants you to spray her face and titties with your hot, sticky spunk. She wants to swallow every drop she can. This is one sensuous babe that does not take no for an answer, so just lay back and get ready to cum!

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